Planning a small bathroom for your Annexe

Making the most of space in a annexe bathroom is vital so that it works efficiently and looks good.

Take your time, follow this advice and shop around to get the best use from your room.

  • Draw up a plan of the room to try out different arrangements first
  • Look for baths that are slightly shorter and narrower than average to fit a space. Choosing one less than 170cm long and narrower than 80cm could make all the difference between it fitting or not.
  • Don’t skimp too much on the size of a shower enclosure. Go for the biggest you can manage but certainly no smaller than 90cm square. If your plan is not working out think about having a shower over the bath. A good quality shower door will make it look smart.
  • A small basin with a cupboard under will keep your bathroom neat. Look for a wall hung version as it will make the room seem as spacious as possible and a matching wall hung WC will complete the illusion.
  • Pale toning colours for walls and floor will also keep it looking spacious, especially if wall and floor tiles are the same or very similar colours.

Clear the decks
It’s easy to let clutter dominate. Surfaces can become littered with toiletries, make-up, brushes and more, so reduce the amount on view and use storage to help you banish clutter forever. Leaving a few of your favourite accessories on display will personalise the space, but use surfaces that are out of the way like window ledges or shelves.

Keep it simple
Keep patterns and elaborate designs to a minimum. Natural finishes like stone, pale wood and plain cream or white ceramic tiles are a good option. When planning your space, leave room to manoeuvre around furniture and fittings in comfort.

Increase light to enhance space
Natural light reflects off surfaces and creates the illusion of a larger space. Allow in the maximum amount by using simple window treatments like a roller blind in a pale fabric or even frosted window film to add privacy without sacrificing any light. No windows? Then consider installing daylight-effect recessed spotlights, supplemented with a mirror that has integrated LED lighting.

Think outside the box
Look out for furniture and sanitaryware designed to make use of awkward spaces, such as corner basins, baths and even WCs. A bathroom cabinet that fits neatly into a corner can also be useful. Fittings that are raised off the floor also helps create an illusion of space, so consider installing a wall-mounted basin, and WC.