Certificate of Lawful Development


You don't have to contact the Council but it is highly recommended, especially in the case of large annexes. If all circumstances are satisfied and Lawful, you will receive a letter of confirmation from the Council.

To apply for a Lawful Development Certificate you will require:

  • Cover Letter
  • Application Form
  • Site Plan (map)
  • Floorplan and Elevations (optional)
  • Statutory Declaration
  • Application Fee

Application Pack

Covering Letter

Your application will require a covering letter that needs to summarise your situation. Each situation is different and the details of your specific use should be detailed. It should cover the main issues of location, structure and use. When detailing the use it's best to include as much detail as possible, in points, that can be used to demonstrate why occupants that may use the annexe on a full time basis still rely on the use of the main dwelling.

Information Pack
You are not required to supply an information pack; only the completed form and site plan is needed. However, we do recommend supplying more information to support your application. The information pack should cover the three main criteria of conformity and address the tests for each.
Physical layout. Ownership, past and present. Use of function, past and present
Definition of a 'Annexe'
Construction test, mobility test, size test.
The relationship between the respective occupants. The relative size of the house, its garden and the annexe. The relative scale of accomodation in the annexe and the house. The degree to which the annexe is functionally connected to and subordinate to the use of the dwelling house.

Site Plans
You will need to include a site location plan with your application or letter. If you don't already have a map of your property you can purchase one with ease. Just seach for 'planning application maps' on the internet and you will find a number of companies that offer this service. A 1:500 Site Plan or a 1:1250 Location Plan is usually sufficient. You will want to indicate on the plan where the annexe will be sited and the boundary of your property.

Floorplans and Drawings
You don't have to include plans for the annexe like you would do with a planning application, but if possible it's recommended. Councils may request to see the plans to establish the fact that the unit has all the facilities that allow independent living and subsequently try to enforce the separate unit issue. In these cases document in the cover letter that you haven't got a floor plan but the annexe will have a kitchen, bathroom and number of bedrooms and if there is a concern of the annexe being used as a separate dwelling please refer to the statutory declaration enclosed. A Lawful Development Certificate shouldn't bind you to a particular size or style of annexe but supplying plans is recommended.

Statutory Declaration
A statutory declaration allows a person to make a legal declaration under oath and in the presence of a lawyer. They are commonly used when an individual needs to satisfy a legal requirement by affirming the truth of something. Generally most solicitors will charge around £20 for this legal document.

Application Fee
The current cost is £103 payable to your local council.

We can complete the application process for you

We offer to complete the application to your local council for a Certificate of Lawful Development on your behalf. We can do this for any location in the UK for a small fee.

Please Contact us for more information.

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