Annexe Kitchen shelving ideas

Looking for kitchen shelving ideas for your annexe? Kitchen storage can come in many forms other than traditional wall cupboards.

Open shelving is a great option if you are the proud owner of an impressive crockery collection, or are a keen cook who appreciates having ingredients close at hand. Having everything on display, however, is not for the faint-hearted as it requires a certain amount of dedication to keep shelves looking smart.

Kitchens with rows of base and wall cabinets provide the ample storage that most of us need but it’s the open shelving that gives our kitchens character.

Those shelves are where we display the items we use most often or the pieces we love the most, like the dog-eared cookbooks with our favourite recipes or a cherished casserole dish passed down from a grandparent. The items we have on display gives a glimpse into our habits and our lives, so it’s worth giving some thought to what to we keep out and what we put away.

Get organised
Decanting your cooking supplies into neat matching jars yields a certain amount of satisfaction, and makes it easy to spot if you are running low of any ingredients. As well as keeping your shelves looking tidy, your dry goods will also be kept airtight. This type of shelving does require some dusting, but we think the styling benefits are worth the extra bit of effort.

Team with your worktops
If you’ve chosen a beautiful timber for your worktops and wall tiles that complement them, use the same timber for your shelves as it will create a balanced look.

Chocolate brown and duck egg blue is always a winning combo. If you’re opting for coloured tiles, think about what you’ll want to put on the shelves. Here the crockery and other items have been carefully selected to echo the tones of the timber and tiles.

Ditch the doors
Rather than open shelves, an open wall cabinet has a smarter appeal, as the joinery will be in the same style as the rest of your kitchen, but it still allows you to have your finest mugs, tea pot or whatever else you use most to hand.

Use every nook and cranny
Be imaginative with small spaces. A shallow wall or narrow gap is an opportunity for some clever storage. It may mean a bespoke option rather than an off-the-shelf number but any carpenter or handy-person worth their salt should be able to make shelves to fit.

Go with wall-to-wall shelving
Turn storage into a stylish feature with a wall-to-wall shelving system. The timber has subtle grey tones in the grain that tie in perfectly with the cabinetry.

Consider the island for storage
Shelving isn’t just for walls. Filling one side of an island with open shelves in the same material as wall cabinets is a great way to bring colour and interest to your kitchen scheme.

Use reclaimed wood
For a country-style kitchen, modern shelving may look out of place. Why not have a shelf built from reclaimed wood to add instant character and provide the perfect ledge for your rustic bowls and utensils?

Keep it simple
Break up a bank of units with simple shelving in the same colour as your cabinets. Brackets in the same material as your flooring and worktops will create a calm feel that’s easy on the eye.

Go modular
A vintage work bench makes a great alternative for kitchen storage. To keep it looking neat, use a row of boxes to store different things, like baking utensils and equipment, so you can easily find them when you need them.

The finishing touch
Storage isn’t an issue in this kitchen but the wire wall rack provides the perfect finishing touch. Its dark metal tones pick up with the slate flooring and grey patterned wall tiles, as well as offering a space for tea and coffee storage.

Blend with your cabinetry
Shelves in the same shade as your cabinets have a uniformity that will appeal to those who like things to look smart and ship shape.

Create a collector’s corner
If you love collecting things such as vintage jars, pretty vases or colourful crockery, why hide them away in a cupboard? Make a space where you can enjoy seeing them every day.

Choose a dresser
If you love the look of a traditional welsh dresser, but don’t have the room, why not wall-mount just the top section of a unit? Paint the dresser top in the same colour as your kitchen cabinets, and use it to display mugs, glasses, and plates.

Create a display
Add a high shelf above a splashback to display artwork, as well as attractive tins, jars, and food packaging. Shelf space doesn’t have to be purely practical; here kitchen-themed framed prints add personality to the room. Re-use pretty tins as utensil holders, and old glass bottles as bud vases.

Make the most of an unused corner
Corners in kitchens should never be ignored. They provide a sneaky space for storage and are a great place to display cookbooks, enamel crockery and copper accents. Make use of even the slimmest spaces by installing shelves that fit snug between two walls.

Have it made to measure
Make use of the width of a whole wall with bespoke shelves like this design, which mixes display shelves with cubbies, so you can show off decorative items and hide away everyday mess, too. Plus, with a bespoke design, it’s easy to coordinate it to the style of the room with small details such as wood coving or trims, or help it blend into the wall by using a uniform colour.

Factor in standalone shelving
A bookcase or storage unit can now come in an assortment of sizes, materials and colours or even be customised to fit with your own decoration. It is an invaluable piece of furniture and it can be used in any room of the house. To create a little more interest on your wall look for asymmetrical designs and for trickier spaces there are many narrower options available, perfect for popping between two windows. Don’t feel compelled to just use them for books, they make the perfect display cabinet too.